D18857306on Johnson Evangelistic Ministries was a site and a podcast that I listen to for years.  Don talked about his faith and the interaction between his Christian world view and the secular world view.  He talked to atheist and members of other faiths doing a comparison of the world views.  I really enjoyed his podcast.  His commentary on current topics was top notch.
His book “How to Talk to a Skeptic: An Easy-to-Follow Guide for Natural Conversations and Effective Apologetics” helped me greatly engaging those who don’t hold the same world view as me.  In all this time Don was a Protestant.  But over time something happened.  You could hear it in the podcast.  More and more he would bring up the Catholic Church and share it’s teaching.  Over the span of several months you could tell that a change is happening at the Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries, and then it happened.  He became Catholic.  Now Don created something truly wonderful. He traveled across this continent and talked to other people who like him found their home in the Catholic Church.  The movie is called “Convinced” and it is wonderful.  Why would anyone want to become a Catholic?  Have a look.

2 thoughts on “Convinced Movie

  1. Thank you for the recommendation! I’m sorry I have not been as supportive of you lately in blog land. I’ve needed to take a break. It’s discouraging to see people saying the same things I used to say. At the end of the day, it’s the Holy Spirit who convicts. Our job is simply to speak the truth in love.

    Blessings and encouragement to you. I am keeping you in my prayers, and I’m sure our lady is too.


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