Dear Brothers and Sisters: In the Creed, we confess that the Church is “one”. When we consider the rich diversity of languages, cultures and peoples present in the Church throughout the world, we realize that this unity is a God-given gift, grounded in our common Baptism and our sharing in the Church’s one faith and sacramental life. Like a great family, we are united to all our brothers and sisters in Christ, wherever they may be. We might ask ourselves how much we appreciate and express in our daily lives, and particularly in our prayer, this reality of our unity and solidarity in the communion of the Church. The world needs our witness to God’s plan for the unity, reconciliation and peace of the whole human family. Let us ask the Lord to enable us, and Christians everywhere, to work to overcome our tensions and divisions, to strive, as Saint Paul bids us, to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (cf. Eph 4:3), and to cherish the harmony which the same Spirit creates from the richness of our diversity. – Pope Francis (General Audience of Sep 25, 2013)

One of the marks of Christ’s Church is that it is one. The Catholic Church throughout time and space has maintained that unity. It is of great comfort to me to know that no matter where in the world I am I can go to a local Catholic Church and experience the same Mass, the same faith as anywhere else in the world. It also works in time. If I was to travel back in time 100, 300, 1000, 1500 years or all the way back to apostles. I would find the same church, the same faith the same Mass. It will be the same in the future.

As the Pope said we must always work towards strengthening that unity. Through prayer and knowing our faith. So we can witness to Christ and his Church wherever we are.

2 thoughts on “The Church is One

  1. This is the heart of Catholicism. Would you please consider praying for my parents? I desperately desire for them to come home. I know they love Jesus. I want them to love his bride too. I’m trying to learn more about the faith so that I might be a stronger witness. This unity seems most important to me now that I’m in it. I wish I knew how to express this better.

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